Efficient and quick, Christine never wastes time or resources. She is honest, beautiful inside and out, and she makes delicious food my family loves. Hire her!
— Tammy W.
Her kindness, attentiveness to detail, and culinary skills are commendable. I had no reservations about having her in my home without my presence, as she is very trustworthy and would always clean up after her work. It is quite obvious she has a passion for the art of cooking.
— James M.
Christine is a magician in the kitchen. She has been cooking for my family for over two years, and I continue to be impressed with her skill and professionalism. Her food is delicious, and she cooks a menu that incorporates our dietary wishes. We basically like to eat a Paleo diet, and she respects our choice and then goes on to make amazing food for us. The girl knows how to cook.

In addition to being a very skilled chef, she is so nice and friendly and brings a great energy into our home. She’s the best! Christine, what would I do without you!?
— April B.
Chef Christine is incredible! She offers such a wonderful service. When I first contacted Christine, I was overwhelmed with her kindness, her peppy and positive excitement, and her professional informational delivery of an overview of her philosophy and individualized plans for her clients. Christine took the time to listen to my needs and exceeded all of them.

I was in need of a meal prep. I am a guy, I have limited cooking skills, and I don’t have enough time with my busy career. I wanted to be able to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet. I was going out to lunch with colleagues everyday, and it was becoming way more expensive (not to mention way unhealthier). Christine’s service is actually cheaper per month than what I was spending on eating out almost two meals a day. She really took the time to listen to me to hear what my health goals were, what I liked, and then even suggested dishes from her own personal recipes that she thought I would like. Turns out that she knew things I liked that I didn’t even know I liked!

Christine has been nothing but professional, trustworthy, kind, and full of knowledge. Her meals have been a life saver. I have been able to save money and eat RESTAURANT QUALITY dishes with a great presentation every day. She makes me feel like a celebrity! I am so happy to have been able to find Christine’s Meal Makeover. I have lost weight, I feel better and healthier, and I have really enjoyed her amazing food combos and flavors. I highly recommend Christine’s Meal Makeover to anyone!
— Steve C.
I’ve experienced Christine’s incredible dishes at many catered parties. You know the saying the party is only as good as its food... Well, these parties then were AMAZING! We eat with our eyes first, and her presentation is culinary perfection.

As a Holistic Health Coach, I’ve referred many clients to work with Christine. In addition to being talented in the kitchen, she’s also extremely knowledgeable about dietary needs, a variety of unique foods, and how to balance the perfect meal. All while keeping the flavors delicious and nutritious.

I would recommend Christine to anyone looking for assistance with meal planning, cutting food costs, or refreshing their ideas on food in general. She is professional, trustworthy, and will light up your kitchen and plate! Love her!!
— Jill A.
I’ve been working with Christine for almost two years now. I’m on a regimented and restrictive diet, and on top of that I’m also gluten-free and dairy-free, so cooking for me is no easy task. My diet has constantly changing formulas (macros) that help me stay healthy and lean.

Christine has worked hard to learn the measurements and understand the restrictive components of my diet and still comes up with some amazing food week after week. For a guy who was living on protein powder, chicken breast, and brown rice, I can now look forward to new and interesting healthy meals every week.

The bottom line: If Christine can jump through the flaming hoops required to cook for me, I’m sure she can make you something spectacular as well.
— Mark M.
Christine has been a godsend for me and my husband. After years of cooking, I was reluctant to prepare dinner for just the two of us. We found ourselves eating out a lot or getting take-out. Since we are older, we also wanted to try to eat healthier, which is not always easy when you eat out.

Christine worked with us to prepare food that fit our particular tastes and health requirements. She cooks delicious and healthy meals and is not afraid to try new recipes. Christine was able to take some of my favorite dishes and make them healthier.

It is obvious that Christine is a talented chef, but what I appreciate most is her love of cooking and people. She is a happy and upbeat person who always makes my day better when she cooks for me. I feel very lucky to have her preparing meals for us.
— Beth H.