At-Home Meal Prep

Don't have time to cook?
don't know how to cook?
don't want to cook?

That's where Christine’s Meal Makeover comes in! Christine provides clients with healthy, well-balanced, and appetizing meals that are ready to heat and serve at your convenience. Her handmade dishes are ideal for families on the go, especially those with special dietary needs.

How It Works

Christine provides clients with an individually catered menu 24-hours in advance. Each of her creations comes with a full description and list of ingredients so you know exactly what you’re putting in your body.

She shops, cooks her delicious food at clients’ homes, portions it out in refrigerated packages along with reheating instructions, cleans up everything, and leaves her creations for you and your family to enjoy at your leisure. What more could a busy mom want?


All efforts are made to source fresh, organic, toxin-free, clean foods made from the highest quality ingredients. In most cases, Christine will shop immediately prior to the client's appointment time. Due to the uncertainty of shopping time and availability of ingredients, she may not arrive precisely at the designated cooking window. Shopping time and ingredients are billed at the client's expense.

Refrigerator/Pantry Makeovers


If you stare at your kitchen full of food and still think you’ve got nothing to eat, Christine’s refrigerator/pantry makeover will help you see food in an entirely new light.

From organizing your cabinets and cookware to reading food labels like a nutritionist, Christine teaches clients how to design their kitchens to reflect their new, healthier eating habits. Go from Messy Melissa to Streamlined Sarah in just an afternoon!

Grocery Store Tours

Let Christine teach you the skills to make good choices when shopping for yourself and your family. She’ll tag along with you to your favorite markets to discuss grocery lists, food preparation, better nutritional choices, and ways to make shopping and cooking more enjoyable.

Meal Planning and Prepping

Love what Christine offers but want to do it for yourself? Christine teaches her techniques to clients wishing to create their own meal prep routines. Learn how to be your best self everyday with the new kitchen skills you’ve acquired from working with Christine.

Additional Services

  • Private and group cooking demos

  • Speaking engagements

Christine has been a godsend. Christine worked with us to prepare food that fit our particular tastes and health requirements. She cooks delicious and healthy meals and is not afraid to try new recipes. It is obvious that Christine is a talented chef, but what I appreciate most is her love of cooking and people. She is a happy and upbeat person who always makes my day better when she cooks for me. I feel very lucky to have her preparing meals for us.
— Beth H.